Digitalize your internal processes with ease

Create consistent, up-to-date documentation, accessible in just a few clicks, to accelerate your staff's skills development in complex processes.

Reduce errors and non-quality

Komin reduces the risk of misinterpreting process flows by providing clear, visual formats such as video. You can also create quizzes to ensure that knowledge is properly assimilated.

Limit additional costs

Thanks to a better understanding of process steps

Standardize inter/intra-site practices

Your processes are up to date and accessible company-wide in just a few clicks

Save your staff time

With operating procedures that are easily and asynchronously accessible online, you can save time not only for overworked field experts, but also for learners!

Free up time for field experts

So your experts can continue their work in the field

Accelerate learners' skills development

Learners access all information 2 to 3 times faster

Digitalize your internal processes with ease

Easily create and manage your knowledge libraries

Organize and share your bookstores

Your knowledge is organized in Playbooks and libraries that are easy to create and modify at any time.

Use or create templates

Find all Komin Playbook templates or create your own to save precious time.

Create content easily and autonomously

Reuse your documents and tools

Connect your tools to Komin to create interactive tutorial, training or onboarding playbooks.

Use Komin's design tools

Record and create interactive content directly in Komin without any technical knowledge (videos, podcasts, quizzes, etc.).

Easily organize your skills management

Map skills

Visualize your teams' skills, whether declared or verified.

Close the gaps in your teams

Easily trigger the creation and reading of Playbooks for missing skills.

Etienne Morne

Head of Operations & Data Operations

La simplicité de l'outil Komin est un réel avantage ! Nous avons apprécié l’accompagnement des équipes, bien adapté à nos enjeux opérationnels de productivité et de qualité. Avec Komin, nous avons construit un partenariat solide.

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Grégoire Cogé

Operational Performance Manager

Les parcours sur Komin sont simples à créer, les gestes simples à reproduire pour nos clients sur le terrain et la mise à jour est immédiate pour tous.

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Bertrand Tournier

Regional CFO

The tool enabled us to avoid a major loss of knowledge and facilitate the integration of the new person. The person will be able to carry out part of his integration independently, and will be able to follow the tasks of his new job in a didactic and chronological way.

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Prune Mangeot

Marketing Director

Komin helped us set up an efficient onboarding and handover process!

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Jérémy Cerruti

Methods & Industrialization Manager

In just one week, we easily created a dozen operating procedures. They are now available online and always up to date, anywhere in the workshop.

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Anne Rouillard

Recruitment Manager GRDF Centre Ouest

No need to repeat the same information. It's a time-saver for the manager, a comfort for the trainee and a way of enhancing the value of the outgoing trainee's assignments.

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Maggy Henocque

Transformation Manager

With Komin, we ensure better traceability of our operating procedures, and make it easier for our new employees to acquire new skills.

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Alexandra Barsikian

School Relations Manager

We've solved the problem of two work-study students losing touch with each other! We've made work-study students feel welcome, simplified their skills development and saved managers' time.

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Mathilde Genre

Marketing Manager

Komin makes it possible to pass on the reality of assignments and best practices from one employee to another. It also saves managers a considerable amount of time.

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Arthur de Jerphanion


Our employees have been much better introduced to the company thanks to the Komin handovers. New arrivals have become more efficient and autonomous more quickly.

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Only 20% of a company's employees' knowledge and know-how is formalized

Why not remedy the situation with Komin?