Create digitized operating procedures 10 times faster

Avec Komin, Erard Industrie créé des modes opératoires et des fiches produits engageants pour former plus rapidement ses opérateurs aux processus

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About Erard Industrie

ERARD® Industrie co-develops and manufactures metal-based products for ERARD® Group companies and third-party companies as part of its industrial subcontracting activities. Its 15,000 m² plant is located in Chavanoz, in the Isère region of France.

Erard Industrie's challenges

As Erard Industrie modified its product range, it needed to quickly document its product sheets and operating procedures in formats that were agile and engaging for production line operators:

  • Speed up and simplify the formalization of operating procedures.
  • Create videos on your own to demonstrate operations that are difficult to explain using photos.
  • Enable team leaders to create their own operating procedures.


In just a few weeks, Komin accelerated the digitization of operating procedures with formats previously inaccessible to Erard Industrie. ‍

10x faster

10 operating modes created in 1 week, compared with 1 before.

Easier to read

Images and videos are easier for teams to view.

Fewer errors

The instructions are more visual and less open to interpretation.


Jérémy Cerruti
Jérémy Cerruti
Methods & Industrialization Manager
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The creation of manufacturing operating procedures is often long and tedious, and requires knowledge of tools such as Word or Excel. The aim of Komin is to provide a tool for creating operating procedures quickly and easily, with the addition of video for operations that are difficult to explain using photos. In this way, a team leader can create his own operating procedures. In the space of a week, we created around ten (with 1 person), with the addition of photos (something new for us). The fact that everything is centralized on a cloud means that information can always be found and updated from anywhere in the workshop. The creation of standard frames saves an enormous amount of time.

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