+330 playbooks in one month

Relying on Komin, Adecco Onsite has digitized its internal processes to free up time and engage its teams with impactful formats.

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About Adecco Onsite

Adecco Onsite is the Adecco Group's "implant" offering. Each of the 300+ temporary employment agencies is located directly on its customer's premises and manages several dozen temporary employment contracts on its behalf every day. With a staff of 800, the Adecco Onsite agency network delegates more than 27,000 temporary employees every day.

The challenges of Adecco Onsite

Adecco Onsite was looking to expand its teams and branch network :

  • Deploy a consistent, high-quality customer experience across the network
  • Enable each agency to manage and implement its customers' specific requirements
  • Accelerate collaboration between central and local teams on the creation, updating and management of their internal processes


Komin provided a fast, engaging solution to digitize the internal processes and know-how used daily in the branches.


Playbooks created in 1 month, by over 70% of employees involved

18 000+

Content created including 5,040 video formats


Satisfaction / NPS for users who "create" content


Maggy Henocque
Maggy Henocque
Transformation Manager
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Our business requires us to implement operating procedures adapted to the internal workings of our customers. Thanks to the Komin tool, we have been able to provide our teams with a digital tool that not only ensures better traceability of our operating procedures, but also makes it more fun and easier for our new employees to develop their skills.

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