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Thanks to Komin, Havea guarantees the continuity of the Marketing team's activities in a context of high turnover and mobility.

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About Havea

Havea is dedicated to improving personal well-being by enabling consumers to look after their health with natural and organic products.

As the European leader in natural health, Havea's mission is to ensure the long-term development of each of its brands, which are naturally holistic and inspiring, while respecting their identity and commitment and guaranteeing a privileged place for the consumer.

Havea's challenges

In a context of internal mobility and significant recruitment. Havea needs to standardize its onboarding within the Marketing team:

  • Enable fast, efficient handovers
    to key positions.
  • Coping with exceptional turnover situations.
  • Create a shared knowledge base of business-critical in-house tools.


With Komin, Havea has been able to set up a video training library on current tools and projects, regularly updated by everyone involved.


Onboarding of new entrants on 3x faster workstations.


Training videos for internal tools updated and shared.


Team satisfaction with ease of video creation.


Prune Mangeot
Prune Mangeot
Marketing Director
komin brackets

Komin helped us set up an efficient onboarding and handover process that many people will be able to use! We've gained in knowledge sharing, and in the efficiency of the handover process.

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