Accelerate the transfer of know-how

Komin helps your teams improve operational efficiency by facilitating knowledge management and sharing.

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Digitalize and effectively transmit
in-house know-how

Create asynchronous job handovers

  • Templates and examples to help you pass the test on your own
  • No double pay for the same job
  • Manager validation workflow
  • A table for monitoring operational performance

Capitalize on your identified ROI practices

  • A workflow to identify best practices
  • Easier deployment and sharing with teams
  • A dashboard for monitoring impact on performance

Support your digital transformation

  • Ready-to-use templates for formalizing processes and standards
  • Easy, interactive multimedia formats
  • A collaborative interface for interacting with teams

Create asynchronous job handovers

  • Templates and examples to help you pass the test on your own
  • No double pay for the same job
  • Manager validation workflow
  • A table for monitoring operational performance

Capitalize on your identified ROI practices

  • A workflow to identify best practices
  • Easier deployment and sharing with teams
  • A dashboard for monitoring impact on performance

Support your digital transformation

  • Ready-to-use templates for formalizing processes and standards
  • Easy, interactive multimedia formats
  • A collaborative interface for interacting with teams



Make your teams more productive

Komin enables teams to improve the quality of their work and make faster decisions.

Save precious time

Quick access to the information you need for your training.

Increase quality

Create consistent digital documentation to make fewer mistakes.

Simply secure know-how

Komin enables you to establish a culture of knowledge sharing by making it easy for every employee to play a part in the transmission of knowledge.

Spread best practices

Make your know-how accessible with updates in just a few clicks.

Manage your transfers

Reduce knowledge loss during job handovers.


Engage and empower your teams

Add value to your teams' knowledge and give them the autonomy and visibility they deserve.

Empower them

Give your teams the means and the framework to enhance their knowledge.

Increase talent retention

Give recognition to their know-how by spreading the word.

Why Komin

Komin accelerates the assimilation of knowledge throughout your organization


5x more commitment

Turn your teams into experts. Everyone becomes a player in the training process, creating and sharing know-how.


2x more relevance

With clear content validation processes, make sure you only get content that's relevant to your business!


10x more velocity

The creation and assimilation of know-how takes place at an unprecedented speed, thanks to collaboration and the video format!

Qualiopi certification

Quality certification was awarded in the training category.

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Etienne Morne

Head of Operations & Data Operations

La simplicité de l'outil Komin est un réel avantage ! Nous avons apprécié l’accompagnement des équipes, bien adapté à nos enjeux opérationnels de productivité et de qualité. Avec Komin, nous avons construit un partenariat solide.

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Grégoire Cogé

Operational Performance Manager

Les parcours sur Komin sont simples à créer, les gestes simples à reproduire pour nos clients sur le terrain et la mise à jour est immédiate pour tous.

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Bertrand Tournier

Regional CFO

The tool enabled us to avoid a major loss of knowledge and facilitate the integration of the new person. The person will be able to carry out part of his integration independently, and will be able to follow the tasks of his new job in a didactic and chronological way.

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Prune Mangeot

Marketing Director

Komin helped us set up an efficient onboarding and handover process!

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Jérémy Cerruti

Methods & Industrialization Manager

In just one week, we easily created a dozen operating procedures. They are now available online and always up to date, anywhere in the workshop.

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Anne Rouillard

Recruitment Manager GRDF Centre Ouest

No need to repeat the same information. It's a time-saver for the manager, a comfort for the trainee and a way of enhancing the value of the outgoing trainee's assignments.

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Maggy Henocque

Transformation Manager

With Komin, we ensure better traceability of our operating procedures, and make it easier for our new employees to acquire new skills.

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Alexandra Barsikian

School Relations Manager

We've solved the problem of two work-study students losing touch with each other! We've made work-study students feel welcome, simplified their skills development and saved managers' time.

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Mathilde Genre

Marketing Manager

Komin makes it possible to pass on the reality of assignments and best practices from one employee to another. It also saves managers a considerable amount of time.

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Arthur de Jerphanion


Our employees have been much better introduced to the company thanks to the Komin handovers. New arrivals have become more efficient and autonomous more quickly.

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Frequently asked questions about Komin

In what contexts or for what specific uses can Komin be used?

Komin can be used in a variety of contexts, but the most common generally correspond to three main situations:

1. Job handovers: Komin is an essential tool for job changes. It helps to preserve acquired information and know-how, thus avoiding their loss during transitions and the wheel having to be reinvented...
‍Thechallenge is to encourage rapid and efficient skills upgrading, while saving teams' time. This is particularly relevant in functions or contexts where there are frequent job changes (internal mobility, alternation, maternity leave replacements...).

2. Creation of training content/best practices: Komin makes it possible to capitalize on individual best practices to develop collective performance. Whether under the aegis of the HR/L&D teams or the operational teams themselves, Komin serves to develop everyone's productivity.
‍Thechallenge is twofold: to maximize the impact of employees in their jobs, and to establish a virtuous, ongoing knowledge-sharing dynamic.

3. Formalizing and digitizing internal processes: Komin enables you to free yourself from the oral culture by creating, sharing and piloting standards within central and/or local teams.
‍Thechallenge is to homogenize practices, develop quality and establish a culture of continuous improvement at the heart of your organization.

What are the benefits of using Komin?

Using Komin can bring many benefits, which we can group into three broad categories:

1. Improving productivity and operational performance:
- Saving time: With Komin, teams avoid redundancies and reinventing the wheel on critical company actions and topics. In addition, the centralization of information frees up time for research, enabling them to concentrate on strategic tasks.
- Faster skills upgrading: whether when taking up a new position, or when acquiring new run skills within a team (creating back-ups, developing versatility...), Komin facilitates and accelerates learning.

2. Improved quality and operational performance:
- With Komin, your company can ensure the homogeneity of practices through defined standard processes. Komin serves as a common platform where procedures, processes and best practices are formalized and shared. By ensuring consistency in the implementation of tasks, Komin contributes to the quality of operational performance throughout the organization.

3. Creating a differentiating employee experience:
- Your employees are valued for their contribution and knowledge sharing. Komin offers a platform where every team member can contribute and be recognized for their expertise and effort for the collective.

- Komin fosters the creation of a virtuous circle of continuous improvement. Internal know-how is not only formalized and shared, but also monitored and regularly updated.This process fosters a dynamic of learning and constant improvement. This approach has already proved its worth with our customers.

Can we make a pilot with Komin?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we always insist on a pilot phase before deploying Komin. This process takes place in three phases over a period of 3 to 6 months, during which we work closely with you:
1. Phase - Scoping: We identify potential use cases and prioritize them according to their respective stakes, be they operational, financial or human. We create one or more templates to facilitate the creation of the first Playbooks, and define the objectives and KPIs to be achieved.

2. Phase - Pilot/Iterations: We carry out iterations on versions v1, v2...of the Playbooks created, based on the initial feedback and KPIs collected. This enables us to continually adjust and improve the content.

3. Phase - Deployment/Run: Once the pilot phase is over, we roll out Komin to new uses and/or a larger number of users.

Can I integrate existing documentation into Komin (ppt, pdf, video...)?

Yes, you can integrate existing documentation in any format into Komin.

Komin meets 2 major objectives:

1. Centralize information: Komin aims to centralize your existing information. This not only optimizes information search time, but also avoids "reinventing the wheel" on subjects that are implemented repeatedly.

2. Formalize critical knowledge "stored in people's heads": With Komin, it's possible to formalize knowledge, experience or processes in a simple, intuitive way by creating impactful content in video, audio, quiz and other formats.

It's going to take time to create this content...

Creating a Playbook at Komin takes less than 30 minutes.
Not only is it quick to set up, it's also comprehensive, efficient and easy to read

.Content creation seems to be time-consuming. To address this fear, we've developed a solution that truly revolutionizes content creation and knowledge sharing in the enterprise.

We leverage best practices to ensure a rapid creation process:
1. Upstream support: Komin guides you to identify the use cases you need to address first. This way, your efforts are targeted where there's the most value to be captured.

2. Ready-to-use templates: We combat procrastination by providing templates that encourage action. As a result, teams are no longer "paralyzed by the blank page syndrome" and can focus on content rather than structure.

3. Intuitive platform: Komin is designed to be hyper-intuitive. This ease of use is corroborated by our data on Komin's high usage rate. This considerably reduces the time needed to master the tool.

Why use Komin when we already have tools in place: LMS, knowledge base, storage space, etc.?

Komin's "radius of action" is wide, both in terms of concrete use cases and its content creation, reading and content and platform administration functionalities.

- Komin compared to an LMS:
‍Active participation: Komin doesn't just share information, it encourages your teams to actively participate in content creation. This fills the gaps often found in LMSs (quantity of available content, content relevance, completion rates...).

‍Guaranteed relevance: Thanks to the direct involvement of employees in content creation, you ensure content actionability and higher engagement and completion rates.

- Komin compared to a knowledge base:
‍Creationand curation: Where a knowledge base focuses primarily on making existing information available, Komin facilitates both the creation and dissemination of data. Content is up to date because it can be reported directly by all users.

‍Diversity offormats: Knowledge bases are often limited to text, whereas Komin makes it possible to vary formats: video, audio, quizzes...

‍Interaction monitoring& tracking: With Komin, it's possible to track how teams interact with information(completion rates, quiz responses...).

-Interfaces with your existing tools:Komin integrates easily with your existing tools, and can also connect with other platforms dedicated to content creation or playback.

What's the difference between Komin and conventional training?

Conventional training can take the form of face-to-face, one-to-one or group sessions, or "training on the job", where learning takes place progressively in the workplace.

Here's how Komin differs from these conventional formats:
1. Freeing up time: Komin offers an asynchronous transmission/training solution, which means that learners can access content at their convenience, freeing up valuable time for referents to concentrate on other tasks. Team productivity is boosted because Komin gives referents the gift of ubiquity.

2. Prolonged availability of content: Unlike a face-to-face training session, which takes place at a specific time, content on Komin is continuously accessible, enabling everyone to review and learn at their own pace.

3. Follow-up by managers/admin: With Komin, managers can track the progress of each team member, enabling better coaching and personalized support.

4. Uniformity of training: Using Komin, everyone in a given function or context is trained on similar content, so learning is equitable, guaranteeing uniformity of training throughout the organization.

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