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With Komin, Groupama makes short contracts self-sufficient in just a few weeks, thanks to targeted and organized training sessions.

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About Groupama

With 1300 employees, Groupama Assurances Mutuelles has been marketing a comprehensive range of insurance and financial services for 100+ years.

The Human Resources Department wanted to digitalize the transfer of knowledge between its outgoing students and their incoming successors.

What he was looking for in calling on Komin in terms of knowledge transmission.

Groupama's challenges

Develop a differentiated Employee Experience tailored to the expectations of Genaration Z (work-study or internship students).

Saving managers time and ensuring rapid skills upgrading for high-turnover positions.

Provide an asynchronous knowledge-sharing tool for employees who work from home, either totally or partially.


Thanks to Komin, Groupama supports nearly a hundred short contracts in their onboarding and handover!


Note from outgoing students about their experience as a collaborator.


Note from incoming students about their experience as a collaborator.


100% of managers agree that the handover was a success


Alexandra Barsikian
Alexandra Barsikian
School Relations Manager
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Komin has helped us to solve the problem of loss of knowledge between two alternants who often don't cross paths... While considerably improving the onboarding of new arrivals. Our new alternants feel welcome, their skills development is simplified and managers save time :)

Mathilde Genre
Mathilde Genre
Marketing Manager
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The Komin advantage is that we can pass on the reality of one employee's tasks to another. The vision of the job and its scope is much broader than what can be presented to the newcomer in the first week, for example. This also enables us to pass on more informal best practices, which are always appreciated when it comes to integrating a new employee. It also saves the manager a lot of time.

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