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With Komin, GRDF Centre Ouest creates engaging handover routines and ensures business continuity in a context of mobility and reorganization.

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About GRDF Centre Ouest

GRDF Centre-Ouest operates and develops the natural gas distribution network, and transports gas throughout the region for all suppliers.

GRDF's challenges

As part of its mobility program and the reorganization of its regional teams, GRDF needs to set up effective skills transfer and handover programs between teams:

  • Engaging teams through the Employee Experience,
  • Capitalize on critical knowledge & control risks,
  • Develop versatility within teams.


GRDF has set up reliable and sustainable routines for transferring and sharing knowledge between trainees and alternates, to ensure effective skills development. As part of a reorganization, GRDF set up a system for sharing key expertise to develop versatility within teams.


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Anne Rouillard
Anne Rouillard
Recruitment Manager GRDF Centre Ouest
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The KOMIN tool complements the physical support provided by a manager/alternate or tutor/alternate. No need to repeat the same information. Once shared, the work-study student can retrieve it in KOMIN to reactivate his or her memory. Today, we are also using KOMIN as part of a reorganization of our team's activities, to "trace" our knowledge and know-how in order to promote the skills development of each of us by developing versatility.

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